Magnolia Lab Website

Crafting an immersive user experience that leaves a lasting impression for an award-winning Cantonese liqueur brand.

Platform: Web↗

Date: March 21 – June 21

My Role: UX Lead

The Team: 1 Graphic Designer + 1 Developer

Project Overview

Magnolia Lab, a renowned brand in Cantonese liqueur, sought to create an interactive website that not only displays their exceptional products but also highlights the art behind their inventive process. The goal is to captivate customers with an engaging user experience while embodying Magnolia Lab’s commitment to quality, heritage, and innovation.

The Art of Liqueur Making

The process of making the liqueur typically involves the following steps:

  • Ingredient Selection: The first step is to select the finest quality ingredients, these ingredients are carefully chosen to ensure that the final product has the perfect balance of flavors.
  • Fermentation: The chosen mixture undergoes months of fermentation, stored in large glass jars to develop its unique character.
  • Distillation: Once the fermentation process is complete, the liquid is distilled to produce a high-proof alcohol. The distillation process involves heating the mixture in a pot still and collecting the vapor that is produced. This vapor is then condensed to create the final product.
  • Aging: The final step involves aging the liqueur to perfection, allowing the flavors to mature and develop a rich and smooth taste.

This traditional production process guarantees that the final product is of the highest quality, renowned for its distinctive flavor and aroma.

Indulge in Every Sip

The intricate blend of ingredients creates a harmony of flavors that leaves a lasting impression on the palate. With each sip imparting a rich and distinctive taste that tantalizes the senses. The experience is truly one of a kind.

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