Office Utility App

Create a more productive and positive workplace environment by allowing users to efficiently mark their regular sitting spot, vote for their favorite vending machine snack, and streamline their daily routine.

Platform: iOS

Date: Apr 20 – Jan 21

My Role: UX Lead

Project Overview

The Office Utility App offers a range of features that make managing the office space and amenities a breeze. Employees can easily check in at their desk, access restricted areas using QR code, and participate in snack voting. This results in a more organized and productive work environment for everyone.

QR code for door and locker access

The app simplifies access to restricted areas with the QR code door and locker access feature. Employees can securely enter restricted areas by scanning their personal QR code, eliminating the need for physical keys or complex codes. This not only improves security but also protects confidential information and assets.

phone device
Home screen of the office utility app with a personalised qr code for quick door and locker access

Desk check-in

The desk check-in function enables employees to quickly secure their assigned workspace for the day. With their phones, they can scan the QR code on the desk and reserve it until they choose to free it up. This feature ensures efficient workspace management and guarantees that every employee has a designated area to work, promoting productivity and organization.

phone device
Scanning desk qr code
Check in desk confirmation screen
Desk booking success screen
Office floorplan displaying where coworkers are located

Snack billboard voting

Snack billboard voting offers a fun and interactive way for employees to select their preferred snack options. By marking their preferred snack choices, employees can express their preferences and help determine the most popular choices within the workplace. This data guides the stocking of the vending machine with employees’ favorite snacks, catering to diverse taste preferences and fostering a more engaging work environment.

phone device
Snack billboard introduction screen
Voting on which snacks should be stocked in vending machines
Snack ranking billboard displays voting results

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