Dosing Calculator

A comprehensive and reliable solution that calculates the required dosage for a rare disease, ensuring accurate and safe medication administration for patients.

Project Type: App design

Date: March 21 – June 21

My Role: UX Lead

Project Overview

Patients with chronic illnesses often struggle to determine the appropriate medication dosage for their symptoms. This can result in overmedication or undermedication, which are both dangerous situations.

The Dosage Calculator serves a crucial purpose to help patients determine the correct dosage. By considering factors such as weight, loading or maintenance dose, it ensures that patients receive the precise amount of medication they need. This not only helps manage their symptoms effectively but also minimizes the risk of adverse effects.

phone device
Dosing calculator for inputting weight and whether it is a loading dose or maintenance dose
Dosage required result
The number of vials and syringes required for injection
Step by step instructions for injection

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